Mega Jump For PC

Despite being popular for iOS and Android gamers, Mega Jump for PC is already available and it is free to download. If you have never played the game even for handheld devices, you missed out on a lot of fun! However, if you are looking for changes in the game itself, there is very little to none only that the platform has changed and how you control your character. Here is a review of the game and why you should spare no time in downloading it to your PC and playing it as soon as you can.

Mega Jump is a game which is exactly as it sounds like: doing a lot of mega jumps. If you have an aversion towards heights and have an intense fear of falling, then this game is out of your league. The main objective of the game is to jump as high as you can, from one obstacle to another without falling to your death. This game has ten levels that you need to complete in order to finish it. However, take note that the first level is already difficult enough as it is, let alone the remaining nine. In addition, playing Mega Jump for PC is dizzying enough because of the fast-paced nature as well as the speed in which the backdrop changes.

You play the game as a little red monster named Redford, who has a thing for reaching heights and jumping against various objects. The game play is very simple: you use the arrow keys to control the direction in which Redford goes and what he bumps into. Your main fuel to go high up in the air is in the form of coins. By collecting them along the way, you will remain in the air and not fall down. However, by missing even just one, you will start falling and it will go faster the more coins you miss on the way down.

Getting the coins isn’t going to be that easy. Otherwise, what is the point of playing the game? The coins are spread out in random patterns, which makes it hard to snatch them up especially if you are moving at a fast pace. In addition, certain areas of different levels have few coins and are spread far apart from one another making it more challenging than it already is. However, there are various power-ups you can get along the way for Mega Jump.

Some of the power-ups will make Redford become like a rocket and soar fast through the air for a limited time. In addition, some of those you will be able to get will make him blow up like a balloon, which also enables him to go higher up. However, not all power-ups are beneficial. Some of them will cause Redford to fall down fast, adding to your frustration. In conclusion, Mega Jump for PC is still a fun game to play regardless of the platform it is played in. Download it now and experience why many gamers are both delighted and irritated with it at the same time!