Mega Jump

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Mega Jump is a brilliant action game, in which you control a cute monster and go on a magical journey! In Mega Jump, you blast off and your jumping ride never stops for one second! Enjoy brilliant cartoon like graphics, awesome music and addictive game play! Collect cool power ups, grab coins, dodge evil monsters and reach to the edge of the universe – do you think you got what it takes?!

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In Mega Jump you set up on a fantastic quest, filled with challenges that are guaranteed to keep you on your toes for every second of your game! Break obstacle with your dazzling speed, slay evil monsters, avoid bombs and other dangers and collect coins and awesome bonuses along your adventure!

Mega Jump Features:

Cool Mega Jump Characters to unlock, each with an awesome unique look and different properties!  Many stages to explore, and unravel game secrets, and of course game achievements! Play Mega Jump Online against your friends and compete through OpenFeint – Do you think you got what it takes to become to ultimate Jumper?!